Our Purpose

  • Education: Providing class-based guitar instruction for all through the LGS Community Outreach Program.

  • Advocacy: Supporting and raising public awareness for guitar-related events and issues in the Louisville area.

  • Community: Creating a network and resources for guitarists and guitar aficionados in the region. 

Targets We Want to Meet

  • Endowed Community Outreach Program: providing teacher/mentors for 5 after-school guitar programs implemented by the LGS.

  • Instrument Donation Program: acquiring, repairing and providing guitars for students in the LGS Outreach programs.

  • World-class Concert and Lecture Series: hosting premiere talent from all stylistic background, thus enlivening the cultural landscape of the Louisville music community.

Benefits for the Regional

Arts Community

  • Accessible arts education for all instills a sense of music appreciation through the guitar, leading to greater audience and public involvement in music events centered around the instrument.

  • The LGS provides services that meet unique needs created by gaps in arts education, made possible by our volunteers and the generous civic, corporate, and private support for LGS programs and events. 

  • Diversity in musical styles finds synergy through the LGS annual concert, lecture and masterclass series, which includes an admission reimbursement program for community members of modest means.


  • To develop a strong community of guitarist and enthusiast in Louisville and surrounding areas.

Measurable Objectives

  • Concert attendance

  • Membership base

  • Student enrollment in Community Outreach Program classes and lessons

  • Enrollment in Community Guitar Orchestra

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